3rd crusade


William de Harcourt

Sir William Harcourt was in Palestine 1220, and joined the Christian forces, which took Damietta. By means of their vessels and military engines the Crusaders burst through the barriers which closed the entrance of the Nile, and drove the Saracens from the shores. After unheard of perils, and all the horrors of war and pestilence, Damietta was surrendered to them, with half its population lying dead from the plague and the effects of the siege. This town was not, however, destined long to remain in the hands of the Christians, who were too glad to ransom their army, which was caught by the inundation of the Nile, and placed at the mercy of the Moslems, by the surrender of this city, 1222.

William de Harcourt, was the great-grandson of the 1st Crusader William de Harecourt, 1070-1149 CE.