Knights and battles of the 3rd crusade

          3rd crusade


1189-1192 CE



The Third Crusade

The Third Crusade took place between 1189 and 1192 CE. The conquering of Jerusalem by Sultan Saladin in 1187 ended the 88 years of formal Christian rule in Jerusalem and sent a shock wave throughout Europe. Pope Gregory VIII quickly called for a third Crusade. The call was greeted with enthusiasm by King Frederick Barbarossa of Germany, King Philip II of France, and King Richard I of England, who had just been crowned King (on the 3rd of September 1189) after the death of his father King Henry II. Before the Third Crusade was over Richard I would be known as Richard the Lionheart, Le Coeur de Lion.

Frederick Barbarossa drowned on the 10th of June 1190 near Silifke Castle in the Saleph river. Following this event many German Knights returned home.