1st crusade


Guy de Rochefort 75x76 Guy de Rochefort Guy de Rochefort 75x76

Guy de Rochefort, or, as the chroniclers write the name, Rupeforti, is mentioned in R. d'Agiles for his warlike exploits in Palestine.

In 1091, he won the confidence of Philip I, King of France, and he became the Seneschal from 1091 to 1095. In 1096 he joined the First Crusade, which he returned from in 1104. His Nephew Éverard du Puiset, who also had joined the first Crusade died in 1099 CE, at Antioch.

Guy joined the First Crusade in 1096, and he returned in 1104 CE. His daughter Lucienne de Rochefort, married Louis VI, in 1104 CE and divorced him in 1107 CE. Guy, saw his influence decline and Rebelled against Louis VI. The rebellion failed and Guy died in 1108 CE.