1st crusade


Cono de Monte Acuto 75x90 Cono de Monte Acuto Cono de Monte Acuto 75x90

Cono de Monte Acuto, or Montacute, led a force to the Holy Land through Hungary; which route he deliberately chose, though forwarned of its danger by the cruel fate that befel the army under Peter the Hermit, and the multitude under the priest Godeschal. He was, however, more fortunate then his predecessors, and arrived safely at Constantinople. His descendants are the Duke of Manchester, the Earls of Sandwich, and families bearing the name of Montacute; and according to Camden those of Montague.

Albert of Aix wrote that: "Cononem comitem de Monte Acuto, Baldwinum de Burch and Godefridum de Ascha" were sent by Geoffrey de Bouillon, to the emperor in Constantinople, when they arrived with their Crusaders army, dated end 1096.

Also Known as: Conon de Montaigu.