The battles crusade 1095-1099 CE

          1st crusade

1095-1099 CE


The siege of Nicaea

May-June 1097 CE. The city belonged to the Seljuk Turks. For weeks the crusaders attacked the city with little progress. However, when they woke up on the 18th of June 1097 the flags of their allies the Byzantines waved over the city.

The Byzantines had secretly negotiated with the Turks, without informing their Crusader allies. The city did not have much choice. They could be completely destroyed by the Crusaders, or they could peacefully surrender to the Byzantines. Wisely they took the Byzantines up on their offer and surrendered to them.

The Crusaders had been double crossed by their Christian allies, but they had little time to argue about it as they were on the way to Jerusalem. The next battle, at Dorylaeum, would become one of the most crucial battles fought during the first Crusade.